Newborn Sessions

When should I book?

The best time to photograph a newborn is within the first 2 weeks. During this time newborns are still very sleepy and curled up, enabling us to achieve those gorgeous curled up poses. We can still capture beautiful images after this time but please be aware that we may not be able to get the curled up poses. Colic can also flare up after the first two weeks, making the baby harder to settle. You can contact me anytime during your pregnancy to arrange a session, I will make a tentative booking given your due date, and once your brand new baby arrives you can contact me again to arrange a suitable day and time.

What should I bring?

Dummy – please bring a dummy/soother if your baby has one. This may help to settle the baby.

Extra bottles – some babies tend to feed more than usual during a newborn session, partly due the room being kept warm. Whether you are nursing or bottle feeding there will be ample time for feeding your baby.

Snacks – I will provide snacks and drinks during your session but please feel free to bring your own!

Clothes – As well as photographing your baby unclothed I also provide wraps and outfits so there is no need to bring any clothes specifically for your newborn. If you would like to be photographed with your baby please bring with you a neutral coloured top/shirt. For sibling shots please also dress your child/children in neutral coloured clothes with no bold patterns that could distract in the photograph.

How should I prepare?

I want the session to be as enjoyable and relaxing as possible so there is no need for any preparation on your part. I know how hectic those first few weeks are! Please do not worry about feeding times as I will work around you and your baby.

How long will the session take?

Newborn sessions can take 3-4 hours, allowing enough time for feeding and cuddling!

What will happen during the session?

The session will take place in a home studio environment, where I provide a peaceful and relaxed experience. The studio is kept warm in order to keep the baby comfortable and sleepy, and there is a cool room you can go to in order to cool down if you get too hot! It is advisable to dress in layers so that you are comfortable yourself during the session. I will contact you before the session about colours and style the session accordingly, incorporating beanbag shots and prop shots (baskets, beds, crates etc). There will be plenty of time for feeding and cuddling to keep baby happy and content.

Can I be photographed with my baby?

Of course! I love to capture the magic and emotion of those first precious weeks with your new baby. There is no image greater than a Mommy or Daddy cuddling their new bundle of joy, and such images will be greatly adored by you baby as he/she grows older. I am also more than happy to capture siblings with your newborn, and if possible I will try to capture these at the beginning of the session before they become distracted and to make them feel included.

What will happen after the session?

A viewing appointment will be made for 1-2 weeks after the session and I will select 20 images to edit for this appointment. Orders made at the viewing appointment will then take up to 3 weeks depending on the type of products ordered.